The company Refrigerators Nazarenes, S.A. It was founded in 1996 with the intention of carrying out the idea of ​​providing transport goods internationally for this company since its inception, was surrounded by duly qualified persons, persons charged with true and good principles, accompanied an excellent effort and exquisite handling of his job, they get to shape the achievement of the idea why this transport company is based.

20 years ago, we set out to provide our services with full transparency, reliability and closeness to all customers who so require and as of today, twenty years later we dare to say that we have achieved, committing ourselves to keep this level of quality and even improving ourselves every day.

Who has not ever heard the phrase ?: “Wanting what you do, is the best concrete approach to happiness on earth”.

We were happy with the job offered and done, because we love what we do.

In our twentieth anniversary, in addition to welcoming the commitment and work that lends the entire team Refrigerators Nazarenes, SA, we want and we must be grateful to all our customers for their trust in us, for their support, and even for their loyalty and friendship, because without you, this achievement would have been very difficult to achieve.

This year we celebrated 20 years of existence and we will not cease in our efforts to continue offering a serious and reliable transportation, so although we are very satisfied with what has been achieved, we are neither consistent nor satiated.

On behalf of all staff Refrigerators Nazarenes, S.A. thank you very much to all customers and collaborators throughout these twenty years have made it possible to achieve our goal.

Dos Hermanas to 10 June 2016.